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You can add your property by CLICKING HERE NOW Remember everyone on the site has done this before you so it must be easy!

Totally Automatic
The site is totally automatic, once you have filled in the property form your details will be converted to a web page instantly.

No Delay
There is no delay, we don't want people who are looking for your type of property today to book with someone else. Add just a few details using the "Add your property" link below and then update any time, day or night. Change your prices, add a "Last minute bargain", a "Today only offer" or an "Early booker" discount. Be in control, don't wait for changes, see any change you make instantly on the site. If one of your selling ideas does not work try another. If you wake up at 3 in the morning and have an idea you can make a change and both you and the visitors to this site ( from all over the world ) will see your new idea there and then.

Write as much as want
Write a much as you like, no limits, add 4 photos on a standard page or 12 large photos if you want to pay a little extra. More photos usually leads to more business.

Why add your property to our site?

If your property looks good, sounds good and is priced correctly the experience of our existing customers shows you'll do well.

1) Property owners like our site because it gets them business. That's why our sites have grown since we started while others have lost customers.
2) Our web stats show millions of 'hits' each month.
3) Low cost (Euro 125 for 12 months with 4 photos or Euro 185 with 12 photos), some sites charge up to three times what we do.
4) Add your own property in minutes, 24hrs a day - see your page here in 5 minutes.
5) Write as much as you want about your property, no limits. Tell people how good your property is.
6) Change your details free 24 hrs, 365 days a year - including your photos.
7) See any changes you make instantly, no delay.
8) Add "Last minute bargains" to our "Last minute" section, 24 hrs, 365 days a year FREE.
9) Add "Today only offers" to our "Today only" section, 24 hrs, 365 days a year FREE.
10) Optionally, have a link to to collect credit card payments online
11) Add 4 or 12 LARGE colour photos, not those postage stamp size pictures other sites like you to use.
12) Have your photos shown in our summary listings not just your page.
13) Have automatic links to all the properties you advertised with us on each page.
14) Have your details and photos sent to everyone who enquires automatically
15) Free help.
16) People like our site because owners write so much, the photos are large and it's easy to find a bargain.

You can add your property by clicking here now. Remember everyone on the site has done this before you so it must be easy!

Some of the many emails we have been sent by happy users of our web sites...

My bookings have been great this year - only 2 free weeks left, so thanks for such a fantastic website!!

Liz Northwood - Property Ref 272

Thank you very much - we are incredibly happy with the results from your site!
Best wishes

Samantha A. - Property Ref 744

..... You may also like to know that out of three sites we use for advertising our property yours is generating at
least 70% of our enquiries .................. well done on such a good site.

Yours Trudi - Property Ref 1154

I must say we are so delighted with your site - without it this year would have been a complete disaster for us.
I know you sent an e mail to all owners prior to your holiday asking for any changes etc you thought would be
valid but I have to say please please do not make any changes - the site works excellently so if it isn't broke
- don't fix it! We were with another site who made big changes earlier this yr & subsequently the site has become unworkable as
far as I and many others are concerned. I am not sure what other users may say but we recommend you to everyone
we know as we think your site is excellent! Have a good weekend.

Nikki - Property Ref 1379

Just wanted to say that I read all the letters on your web site and took them with a pinch of salt.
But we are pleased to say that we have had many enquiries since joining you for the first time earlier this
year and had plenty of bookings. We will definitely renew our time with you next year.

Kindest regards Jan W - Property Ref 1301

As a desperate last -minute holiday- maker, may I send you a very big THANK YOU, for your fabulously helpful
web-site. We will raise a glass (or more!) to you from the side of the pool, overlooking the vine yards!
Au revoir

Lin D.

I am so pleased with the site I think I am amongst others who are as well a great many of us are moving
away from a site which was very good but since a revamp my enquiries went from about 46 last year to 6 this
yr with 1 booking.

I will definitely recommend you to others I meet

Richard N

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